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TUTOMESH - collagenous membrane for hernia repair

The bovine pericardium is subjected to a proprietary, multi-step process – the TUTOPLAST® process - which comprises meticulous cleaning of the tissue and gentle solvent dehydration, monitored by continuous quality controls. As a final step, the product undergoes low-dose ?-irradiation, which renders the product STERILE.
The TUTOPLAST® process provides a thorough inactivation of pathogens, destruction of cells, and removal of cell debris, fat, and non-collagenous protein while preserving the 3-dimensional collagenous structure of the material and the associated biomechanical properties. In addition, the Tutoplast® process leaves no residues which may interfere with the repair process once transplanted into a recipient.
The TUTOPLAST® process is highly active against pathogens and no case disease transmission has been confirmed over the past 35 years. As with all biological products, the transmission of infectious diseases may be ruled out at the level of the state of art only.


Mode of action
Initially, TUTOMESH® provides a reliable closure of the tissue defect and serves as a scaffold for the cellular repair mechanism, which will replace this scaffold by patient-own tissue. The remodeling process depends on the size of the graft, the regenerative properties of the implant bed, and concomitant conditions, for instance diabetes.
Under undisturbed conditions the remodeling process may take several weeks to several months.
TUTOMESH® is indicated in all conditions, for instance the repair of incisional hernia, which require enforcement, repair, or substitution of tissue, without the constraint of a fluid-proof closure of the defect.


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