HemiCap Talus surface ankle endoprosthesis

Implant designed for supplying cartilage and bone defects on the ankle bone block.

– individual adjustment of the size and shape of the implant to the patient’s joint surface,
– much less cartilage and bone tissue removed than in traditional joint replacement, – “in-lay” technique – the surface of the implant faces the surface of the surrounding cartilage,
– preservation of the motility and primary structures of the joint.

for supplying cartilage and bone defects in the ankle joint (ankle bone).

– cap – the articular component of the ankle bone block constructed of CoCrMo alloy, on the side of the bone contact sputtered with CPTi titanium,
– titanium fixation screw.

The instrumentation allows the prosthesis to be implanted using the “in-lay” technique. – After implantation, the surface of the prosthesis faces the surface of the cartilage.

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