Treatment of diabetic foot – the effect of antibiotics contained in calcium sulfate granules (Stimulan®) in the treatment of diabetic foot – scientific article

The current method of treating diabetic foot is associated with a high risk of serious amputations and mortality.

Recently, several systems have been developed capable of releasing antibiotics at a local level, thereby reducing the risk of postoperative infections and thus accelerating healing processes.

The present analysis was retrospectively performed on a consecutive series of patients with diabetes and forefoot DFO who underwent minor amputation (i.e. toe amputation, metatarsal-phalangeal osteoarthrotomy and/or metatarsal osteotomy) using local antibiotics in calcium-sulphate granules (Stimulan®, Biocomposites Ltd, UK) at the Diabetic Foot Unit of Careggi Hospital, Florence, Italy, between 1 June 2021 and 1 June 2022.

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Journal of Wound Management 2023;24(2):19-25.

Benedetta Ragghianti1Alberto Piaggesi2Edoardo Mannucci1Matteo Monami*1
1Diabetology, Careggi Hospital and University of Florence, Florence, Italy
2Diabetic Foot Section, Department of Medicine, University Hospital of Pisa, Italy1

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