OsteoSinter EVANS and COTTON – implants for correcting foot deformities

Porous titanium implants are used to correct foot deformities caused by flat feet.

The wedges are intended to be used as implants dedicated specifically to Evans procedures (lengthening the lateral column of the foot) or Cotton (correcting the position of the first ray of the foot and preventing overload of the external column).

The product is sterilely packed in individual packages. Supplied with a disposable tool kit.


use for bone fixation in foot osteotomy procedures:
– open wedge osteotomy of the medial cuneiform bone/Cotton’s osteotomy,
– open osteotomies of the foot bones (including osteotomies used to treat hallux valgus),
– lateral column lengthening (Evans lengthening osteotomy or “Z” osteotomy of the calcaneus),
arthrodesis of the metatarsal/cuneiform bone.

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