Pneumatron at the 2nd Symposium of PTMŚiW

The 2nd Symposium of the Polish Muscle, Tendon and Ligament Society was held on December 12-14, 2019 in Lodz, Poland. The theme of this year’s meeting was fresh and overload soft tissue injuries and fatigue fractures in sports.

During the symposium, MED&CARE presented the Pneumatron device for pulsed pneumatic therapy (PPT/M) – an effective method to complement physiotherapy and rehabilitation.

Our booth was visited by a very large number of visitors, who were able to learn about the principle of pneumatic pulse therapy, as well as enjoy a massage with modern bubbles. Workshops on PPT/M therapy, conducted by Magda Rosłoniec of Foot Comfort and Aleksandra Pieczonka of MED&CARE, also attracted a large number of interested parties.

During the lecture part, Magda Rosłoniec presented pneumatic pulse therapy in the context of the principle of action, areas of application and advantages of this method, as well as presented in detail scientific research on the use of PPT/M in the treatment of chronic neck pain.

We would like to thank everyone who met with us during the symposium and invite you to join us!

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