Polish Society for Surgery of the Hand – MOTEC® course.

On November 15-16, 2022, another two-day course of the Polish Society for Surgery of the Hand was held. The training was conducted by a team of outstanding experts under the scientific leadership of Dr. Piotr Czarnecki.

On the first day, participants performed delivery injections, nerve and tendon repair, reconstruction of ligaments and the thumb extensor apparatus, and CMC endoprosthesis. The second day was devoted to arthrodesis, endoscopic decompression of the carpal tunnel, MOTEC® carpal endoprosthesis and flap techniques.

Representatives from MED&CARE also participated in the training, supporting the presenters during the MOTEC® carpal endoprosthesis procedures.

We would like to thank POZNAŃ LAB Institute of Practical Medicine for organizing the course, the attending physicians for sharing their knowledge and practice, and the participants for attending the meeting.

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