A new device on offer from Med&Care Massage is one of the oldest medical treatments. So is the placing of bubbles – a traditional process that was successfully used as far back as ancient China. Stefan Deny (1922-1998), a physician and inventor, ideally combined these two procedures. During a decade-long research project, he invented a modern, easy-to-use device for performing pneumatic pulsation massage, which he then patented.

Stefan Dena’s goal was to reach the deeper layers of tissue with the device, allowing him to perform a pulsed massage in the body that vertically stretches the tissue from the inside out.
He conducted his experiments over a long period of time to get the right frequency, until he found that optimal mechanical movements and ideal vibration in all tissue sections are achieved at about 200 pulses per minute (about 3 Hz).

By optimally stimulating the lymphatic system while accelerating blood circulation, as made possible by the present method, an improvement in the overall cellular metabolism of the tissue structure was eventually achieved.

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