MOTEC – wrist endoprosthesis – new to MED&CARE’s portfolio

Motec wrist endoprosthesis now available from MED&CARE! The endoprosthesis is designed to provide pain-free and full mobility of the wrist and minimize the risk of dislocation, loosening and osteolysis.

The overall clinical results of the Motec wrist endoprosthesis are very promising. As of December 2019, it is estimated to have been implanted in more than 1,800 endoprosthesis procedures. The longest follow-up period is more than 15 years. Recent studies show an approximately 80%
10-year survival rate in patients not suffering from rheumatoid arthritis.

Fixation is provided by a threaded implant design made of titanium alloy. The surface is sandblasted and coated with an absorbable calcium phosphate coating, Bonit®, which promotes osteointegration of titanium oxide into bone.

The joint is modular in design and can be configured according to patient and surgeon preference by using a CoCrMo joint surface on CoCrMo or a CoCrMo joint surface on carbon fiber-reinforced PEEK.

Each component is available in a variety of sizes to allow stable fixation and reproduce the patient’s normal range of motion as much as possible.

Motec wrist endoprostheses are protected by an international patent.

The Motec carpal endoprosthesis system is indicated in patients with mature bone for replacement of the wrist joint in cases of pain, awkwardness or instability of the joint due to osteoarthritis, post-traumatic arthritis (SLAC or SNAC degeneration, condition after distal radius fracture), rheumatoid arthritis or Kienböck’s disease.

An endoprosthesis can be implanted after the failure of wrist surgery, such as partial wrist arthrodesis with the four-corner fusion method, removal of the proximal row of wrist bones, or total wrist arthrodesis.


  • modular design,
  • minimizing the risk of dislocation,
  • preservation of soft tissues and the distal radial-ulnar joint,
  • low risk of osteolysis,
  • state-of-the-art articular surface,
  • optimal osteointegration and long-term fixation,
  • optimal short-term fixation,
  • ease of surgical procedure,
  • enabling throwing motion,
  • compatibility with wrist arthrodesis.

The Motec wrist endoprosthesis is available in a version in which the head attached to the metacarpal bone is made of CoCrMo and the acetabulum attached to the radius bone is made of carbon fiber-reinforced polyetheretherketone (PEEK OPTIMA™ Wear Performance
Polymer). CFR-PEEK has been specially developed for the manufacture of load-bearing components bonded to hard components made of CoCrMo, for example.

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