MED&CARE at Warsaw Reha Trade Show 2020

On February 27, 2020, the first edition of the Reha Trade Show was held in Warsaw. The motto of the physical medicine and rehabilitation fair was innovation. MED&CARE is committed to innovative solutions, so we could not be there.

During the fair, we presented the Pneumatron device for pneumatic pulse therapy (PPT/M).

Visitors to our booth had the opportunity to learn about the various possibilities of application of the device and see that the choice of method depends on the invention of the therapist.

Pneumatic Pulsation Therapy (PPT/M) with the Pneumatron® device is based on the principle of sliding suction massage with rhythmically pulsating vacuum waves. They run vertically to the surface of the skin and produce vibrations through the alternating interaction of vacuum and atmospheric pressure.

Read more about Pneumatic Pulse Therapy (PPT/M) and the Pneumatron device:

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