STIMULAN with new European CE mark

MED&CARE announces that STIMULAN® has received a new European CE Mark allowing the STIMULAN® product to be mixed with the antibiotics vancomycin, gentamicin and tobramycin for use in infected sites in bone and soft tissue.

STIMULAN® bases its performance on its ability to achieve very high antibiotic concentrations at the site of infection – at levels not achievable systemically – and a predictable antibiotic release profile. As a result, STIMULAN® in combination with antibiotics reduces the rate of recurrent infections, improves patients’ long-term prognosis, and saves hospital costs of treatment and patient maintenance.

STIMULAN® Rapid Cure and STIMULAN® Kit products are the first and only calcium matrices that provide a predictable antibiotic release profile in bone and soft tissue, offering surgeons the ability to use a broad spectrum of antibiotics at concentrations that will support their individual treatment plans.

Rhidian Morgan-Jones, consultant orthopedist: “STIMULAN® is the only product that allows me to place appropriate antibiotics close to the site of the ongoing infection when treating very difficult cases of bone and soft tissue infections. It plays a key role in achieving improved outcomes even in very difficult cases.”

Michael Harris, CEO of Biocomposites: “Our goal is to develop and deliver products that can significantly improve patient outcomes and reduce hospital readmissions. This is a breakthrough solution for surgeons encountering the topic of infection in their daily medical practice, offering them the ability to apply antibiotics of their choice at appropriate concentrations to bone and soft tissue.”

STIMULAN® is already used in more than 50,000 cases per year and in thousands of hospitals worldwide.

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