SPECTRUM – Neurology Center in Lublin invites you to the first VIBRA 3.0 treatment in Poland

VIBRA 3.0 is a device used in neurological rehabilitation, pain management, and aesthetic medicine. Pre- and post-operative treatments, treatments to promote physical activity, and treatments for the elderly to reduce the risk of falls are performed using VIBRA 3.0.

The neurology office of Dr. Renata Koncewicz, MD, has prepared a special offer for children with cerebral palsy. The little patients are happy with the therapy – the treatments are pleasant and the results are promising.

VIBRA 3.0 reduces spastic muscle tension caused by central nerve damage, using a neurophysiological mechanism at the level of both the spine and the cortex.

VIBRA 3.0 is particularly useful in neurological rehabilitation with spasticity of muscle tension, Parkinson’s disease, MS, SLA, MPD.
Main goals: reduce spasticity, improve coordination, improve postural performance, improve muscle tone.

Come to the SPECTRUM Neurology Center for vibrotherapy treatments using VIBRA 3.0.

We wish the office the satisfaction of working with the VIBRA 3.0 device and a growing number of cured patients!

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