iWALK 3.0 – new orthosis – even more comfortable and easier to walk on

The iWALK 3.0 orthotic-prosthesis provides hands-free and pain-free mobility, allowing you to walk freely and enjoy any kind of movement accompanying daily activities. It is even easier to use and learn to walk, and more comfortable and efficient to use than version 2.0.

With the state-of-the-art iWALK 3.0, shopping with a shopping cart, climbing stairs, walking the dog, playing sports, going for a walk or going to work become possible again.


  • improved mobility,
  • greater convenience,
  • ability to perform daily tasks/activities,
  • ability to remain independent,
  • improved motor function,
  • improved personal safety,
  • ability to perform many additional exercises,
  • improved well-being,
  • reduced/eliminated muscle atrophy and loss of bone strength and density,
  • reduced rehabilitation time.

The iWALK 3.0 works well for the following lower leg injuries:
foot fracture, strained or fractured ankle joint, Achilles tendon rupture or injury, capsulitis, fibula fracture, Jones fracture, plantar fasciitis, stress fractures (lower leg), lower extremity amputation, ankle and foot sprain, foot ulcers, calf muscle ruptures, calf muscle strains, gastrocnemius muscle ruptures.

Virtually any injury to the lower leg is an indication for iWALK 3.0.

The iWalk 3.0, compared to the previous 2.0 version, has a support area that has been increased by 30% for increased stability and walking comfort. The thigh pads are thicker with improved high resilience foam to provide greater walking comfort and durability of use. The thigh pads have settings that help the orthotic fit perfectly. The thigh support has a spring-loaded ratchet mechanism to better adapt to the user’s anatomy. The wing bolts have been increased by 89%, making it easier to lock the thigh supports. The knee pad has built-in channels to increase airflow for better cooling. The knee pad has been enhanced with high resilience foam for greater comfort and durability. Height adjustment of the upper ball is now on both sides, not just the right side as in the 2.0 version, effectively cushioning movement and eliminating any sound when walking. The height adjustment of the lower ball is now external to improve walking comfort on a regular basis.

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