VIVOSTAT® – a revolution in tissue regeneration

MED&CARE introduces an innovative solution for tissue regeneration It is a tissue adhesive with growth factors – PRF (polymerized platelet-rich fibrin).

Autologous Vivostat® fibrin is a source of platelet concentrate with prolonged release of growth factors. The solution also provides a so-called scaffold that replenishes tissue defects and facilitates biological response mechanisms within the fibrin matrix structure. The content of highly concentrated platelets with growth factors promotes regeneration and healing. The form of the material, on the other hand, helps homeostasis and bonding.

The Vivostat® system enables fully automated and rapid preparation of polymerized platelet-rich fibrin and convenient application within a separation and application unit. In 26 minutes, from 120 ml of the patient’s peripheral blood, 6 ml of preparation is obtained, which is sufficient to cover up to 80 cm² of surface area. Unlike other fibrin adhesives, which polymerize immediately, Vivostat® technology can be used up to 8 hours after preparation, because the initiation of polymerization occurs only during application. The fibrin matrix during application can be combined with other excipients, such as antibiotics or regenerative concentrates such as stem cells.

Compared to traditional sealant products, the Vivostat® solution offers a number of advantages for both patient and physician:

  • high safety and high compatibility – the sealant is derived from the patient’s blood,
  • convenient and versatile application devices – they provide surgeons with a high degree of freedom in the use of fibrin glue throughout the operation.

Application devices can be used intermittently throughout the surgical procedure without the risk of blockages that are common with conventional systems. In addition, Vivostat® can be applied in very close proximity, allowing for very accurate application, and rapid polymerization ensures that fibrin is formed where it is applied,
superior physical properties – clinical and comparative studies have shown Vivostat® to be superior to traditional sealants in terms of, among other things: homeostasis time, elasticity, adhesion to tissue and effect on tissue.

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