Media about first shoulder endoprosthesis surgery in Poland

Innovative operation will allow young musician to play again

On Tuesday, October 9, the Clinical Department of Orthopedics and Rehabilitation at the University Hospital, headed by Artur Gadek, MD, performed a pioneering surgery to implant an innovative OVO shoulder joint prosthesis. This is the first operation of its kind in Poland and only the second in Europe.
A modern superficial endoprosthesis was inserted in 27-year-old Martin, who – due to concomitant diseases – developed advanced arthrosis of the shoulder joint. This resulted in reduced mobility of the joint and chronic pain, unresponsive to medication. Moreover, the disease prevented the man from pursuing his greatest passion – playing musical instruments.
We have implanted a new type of shoulder joint prosthesis, the so-called surface prosthesis. We replace only the worn layer of cartilage. This is what innovation is all about. This allows us to avoid interfering with the healthy bone, which has to carry the load. On top of that, it allows us to replace the worn layer,” explained Dr. Jakub Slusarski, a shoulder specialist, shortly after the surgery. – In addition, thanks to the technique used, the operation carries a lower risk of complications, and significantly reduces the rehabilitation time.
The procedure is much more sparing, performed faster and with preservation of muscle function. The entire operation took just two hours. Moreover, it does not require the wearing of immobilization, only a simple sling is sufficient. The hospital stay will last 1-2 days, and the procedure will allow rapid improvement.
It is a unique situation that we are putting a prosthesis on such a young person. This is a patient with a lesion that normally develops in the 5th or 6th decade of life. In addition, this is a patient who is blind, so the sense of touch is one of the most important elements for him to communicate with the world,” concluded Dr. Slusarski.
The procedure was assisted by Arthrosurface team member Don Simoncini, from Newton Wellesley Hospital (USA), who is a close associate of Dr. John Uribe the inventor and promoter of the technique.

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