Wrist surgery with prosthetic… feet

Miroslaw Kulmaczewski, an orthopedic surgeon at Elblag City Hospital, is restoring wrist function to patients diagnosed with incurable diseases of this part of the hand. The doctor has already performed four innovative surgeries to implant a part of the prosthesis, intended for foot reconstruction, into the wrist. All procedures have been successful.

Dr. Miroslaw Kulmaczewski performed the first operation in June 2018, the next two – in December 2018 and January 2019, and the fourth procedure was performed on May 7, 2019.

The operation involves removing the first of two rows of carpal bones including the diseased and deformed lunate bone, which is the main cause of the ailment. A cone-shaped screw is then inserted into the cephalic bone, and a second component , which is designed to restore the surface, is placed over the screw.

With this method, the articular surface of the wrist is strengthened, thereby extending the life of the wrist.

We invite you to watch an interview with Dr. Miroslaw Kulmaczewski and Artur Golebiewski – a patient who was the first to undergo this innovative wrist surgery.
The interview took place in the “Good Morning TVN” studio.

Materiał dostępny: https://dziendobry.tvn.pl/a/zoperowal-reke-wykorzystujac-proteze-stopy-nowatorskie-operacje-w-elblagu
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